A Look Back on 2018 Through My Lens: Part One

2018 went fast! My Grandma always said “Time seems to go faster the older you get”. She was so right. I feel like a year only takes 6 months, I’m doomed since I’m not yet 40! lol

2018 was a busy year for me. I had my first full year starting up + running Golden Light Studios and taking photos on a professional level. I’ve learned so much, had some big challenges {mostly computer related, the least favourite part for me ha!} and managed to make this little website all on my own. One goal is to keep this blog more up to date and share lots of photos here.

Running this little business + being a mom to two has been so fun but has also challenged me to my limits. I’m hoping to streamline + simplify processes in 2019 to free up a little extra time away from this computer and stretch my creativity. With the bustle of the Holidays over with and January here and in full swing I hope to finally share some of my favourite images that I captured in 2018 here in this blog space. I’m really proud of where I’m at in my Photography, I’ve worked really hard to hone my skills and teach myself and I really owe myself and the images hidden on my hard drive some spotlight. I hope you love them just as much as I do!

This is Part 1 and it showcases photos I hadn’t even looked at until January 3 of this year. These are of my little girls, Milly and Lexi. I have only shared a couple of the photos I took from their little autumn session in September. I ADORE how their personalities shine through. One is not like the other…

Thanks for being here + thank you so much to the families + clients who supported my tiny business in 2018, I can’t wait to see what 2019 brings!